Managing Filter Failure - Getting to the Good Stuff - January 31, 2010

Clay Shirky says, "it's not information overload - it's filter failure" Have you figured out a way to filter in the relevant information and filter out the noise? Join us to share the places and spaces that you use to harness the power of your network's intelligence and expertise.

Q1 - How would you define your problem of Filter Failure?
Q2 - How do you manage the information you receive?
A2 -

Define the Problem:
  • How do you organize the information so you can disseminate it to lots of different people and it is easily retrievable?
  • How do we filter not only for ourselves, but also for others?
  • The challenging of knowing which role you want to play when you are aggregating information - to be a leader, a follower, a lurker, a participant?
  • How do we disseminate information to a DIVERSE group of constituents who are sometimes not as techno-literate as we are?
  • How to tap into unabridged sources that haven't been pre-screened.

Favorite Solutions-
Bring it all into Gmail
Automating Sharing

Ping Pong Protocol (modified):
1. Pose the problem
2. Define the problem - writing from your perspective (perhaps on a Google Form)
3. Refine the problem - ask probing questions
4. Think about solutions - share some ways that you deal with the problem
5. Ideas for next steps


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