Equity Issues in the Edublogosphere

A facilitated conversation

Does the face of the edublogosphere reflect the face of education?
How can we empower all members of the edublogosphere to find their voice?
In this facilitated conversation we will consider the place of equity within the realm of online communities. We will kick off the discussion using Scott McLeod's 2008 Edublogosphere Survey

  • There were 419 respondents
  • 48 % female / 52 % male (slide 16)
  • 94 % Caucasian / 6 % non-Caucasian (slide 17)
  • The majority of respondents were between the ages of 30-50 (slide 18)
  • Most respondents were from the U.S. - specifically Eastern U.S. (slides 19-20)
  • The majority of respondents were from middle / high school (slide 21)
  • The majority of respondents were English and math teachers (slide 23)

Other places to look at the face of the blogosphere:
Live Mocha
Alltop Education

Using the World Cafe model to facilitate the discussion
, we will focus on 3 Essential Questions:
1. What does the edublogsphere look like right now - ethnically, gender, age etc.

2. What would an "equitable" blogosphere look like?

3. Does/should the edublogsphere change? If so how? If so, what can we do to change it?

We will follow up our World Cafe with a full group discussion of our findings and consider an action plan for moving forward.