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What does the/your edublogsphere look like right now - ethnically, gender, age, race, nationality, religion, subject area, higher-ed vs primary vs secondary, inservice vs. preservice etc.
  • lot of white male heavy
  • following elem teachers makes it more female
  • where we feel most comfortable
  • too much to read, sometimes need to prune - who do we eliminate


What would your ideal edublogosphere look like?
  • want to find people that push my thinking rather than a specific idea
  • need to find the most important thing for me
  • want more push back - someone to be contrary.
  • Diversity of content, populations served, and thoughts/ideas


Should your edublogosphere change? If so what would you do to add more voices, make it a more representative place?
  • what is the return on investment to read other blogs and have push back .
  • consider reading a few new blogs - spread out